Thanks to our on-site repair service, the majority of displacements of large loads can be eliminated, thus helping to reduce the consequent environmental impact. Our fleet of fuel-efficient vans optimizes the fuel consumption to the maximum, reducing CO2 emissions


This decrease in fuel consumption translates into direct economic savings that are reflected in the final cost of the repair. So, a double benefit is achieved: reduce emissions and reduce costs.


Discover the advantages we offer and how we help the environment.

We give urgent service allowing us to reduce or avoid stopping your production, with all the economic and energetic expenses involved.

We avoid any displacement of molds, we can even prevent it from being dismantled from the machine: therefore, we save the use of bridge cranes, trucks, and other heavy-duty transport.

Thanks to the in-situ nature of our activity, we eliminate the possibility of repeating transport due to defective repairs. Because we can do any final touches to your satisfaction, we guarantee the quality of our repairs and service provided.

With us, you don’t have to stop production until we are arriving, and resume work when we leave. This allows that the material in the injection chamber does not degrade and therefore should not be discarded or replaced.

All these advantages are complemented with your total control of the repair since you don’t lose sight of the mold.